Our Services

We cater to you, regardless of the stage you're at in your journey.

Beginner Stage

Projects can be completed in less than a day.


Enjoy a taste of how our approach can optimize your everyday routine by bringing clarity, reducing stress and allowing everything to fall into place effortlessly.


Popular Stage

One room/category at a time.


We optimize the configuration of your space, taking into account your most important needs. Then, we designate zones by function and establish homes for all your items. This approach facilitates the practice of improved habits that avoid falling back into clutter -- addressing problems at their root cause.

Enhanced Stage

Comprehensive home organization. 

Also recommended if you're looking to downsize.


While, the Popular Stage's method of organization is working one room/category at-a-time, in the Enhanced Stage we approach organization through an all-encompassing design. We plan by category, then defining zones and object dwellings, taking into consideration the entire square footage of your home. Thus, maximizing functionality of your real estate. It is a lifestyle upgrade through "space" care.


Other specialties include:

  • Digital Files Organization

  • Refurnishing or Home Staging

  • Moving (packing and unpacking only)

  • Virtual Services (If you're located outside the Tampa Bay area.)

Details & Pricing

We're committed to provide clear communication throughout the job, with upfront itemized costs and no hidden fees.

Beginner Stage
Popular Stage
Enhanced Stage
$50/hr (2 hrs. minimum) | $80 Deposit
Starting at $350 | 50% Deposit
Starting at $1500 | 50% Deposit (or 20% Down with 4-month Payment Plan)
2hrs. - 1 day
2-4 days
1+ week(s)
Initial Consultation
Free | Virtual | 30 min.
Free | On-Location | 30 min.
Free | On-Location | 1 hour
We only use what's already available in the space, unless it is deemed necessary to bring storage containers.
Drawer dividers and containers. Furniture, lighting and decor selection.
Drawer dividers and containers. Furniture, lighting and decor selection.
Rooms & Categories
Bedroom • Bathroom • Cleaning Closet • Kid's Clothing • Furniture Layout Revision
Kitchen/Pantry • Garage/Storage • Clothing/Shoes/Accessories • Home Office • Toys/Kid's Bedroom
Kitchen essentials and groceries • Clothing for all members of household • Bathroom toiletries • Cleaning products, and more
Add-On Services
Not Applicable
Maintenance Membership Available
Maintenance Membership Available
Add-On Service
Weekly Maintenance
$30 per session ($1,560 billed annually or in monthly payments)
52 sessions (30-50 min. each)
Monthly Maintenance
$50 per session ($600 billed annually or in monthly payments)
12 sessions (1 hr. each)
Quarterly Maintenance
$62.50 per session ($250 billed annually)
4 sessions (1 hr. each)

Cleaning Disclaimer:  When deemed necessary, we lightly clean throughout the job,

but we do NOT offer deep cleaning services. Our primary focus is organization.