• Nicole

Surfaces Display Your Art (Or Clutter)

Easy but delicate fixes can completely change a room. I did this room revision in under an hour! My approach? Curating.

A curator is the person in charge of developing ways in which objects and artworks (in a museum, art collection, art gallery, or similar institution) can be interpreted. In other words, they organize art pieces a certain way to influence the experience of the spectator.

This technique can be applied at home too.

When organizing items that you have on display, think of it as "curating surfaces".

Somethings you wont be able to edit-out (like a phone charger). But you can revise other items and decide how you want to "display your art".

I usually work from the macro to the micro: furniture layout (macro) -> surface displays (micro). But you're welcomed to explore your own approach (try curating surfaces, then curating your whole room). The objective is the creation itself. The intention and action of organizing or placing your belongings however you want them to make you feel.

In this case, I moved the bed to the wall facing the door so that, when you walk in, you're welcomed to rest, that's the focal point. I also lowered the wall canvas to ground and tie everything together.

This room makes you want to light candles and curl up with hot cocoa and a book.


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