• Nicole

Small Bedroom for Cool Kid

Working my magic using ONLY what's already available in the room. Sometimes it just takes thinking outside the box.

First off, clear the windows! Windows are amazing features in any space — they bring the outside in and open the space greatly. Now, the curtains are accesible to be spread wide open and let the sunshine in (or closed for privacy and temperature control).

Then, I rearranged the furniture placing the toy shelf that was inside the closet (in a hard-to-reach area) on top of the dresser.

Stacking furniture, or arranging things vertically, is a great way to free-up floor space, which is precious in any small room.

After revising the big items, the rest of the stuff falls into place. It's just a matter of making the bed and keeping surfaces clean.

Eli, I hope you enjoy your room revision!


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