• Nicole

Organizing is a Form of Self-Care

I felt it. The downward spiral. That was the first time I acknowledged that I was dealing with stress and anxiety. I was out of control in that moment. Tears streaming down my numb face - surrounded by people at work, but so alone.

In hindsight, I now know the circumstances surrounding that moment enabled the episode. But inside that moment, I didn't know what was happening, or how to fix it.

I've learned that fixing it* is:

  • not simple, but it also is.

  • free, but it also costs a lot.

  • a deconstruction of 'the core', and then a mending of a stronger self.

*I don't believe it is ever fixed. I believe it is flexible. Some people call it a day-by-day program. I have to exercise it as moment-by-moment mindset.

In my process, I learned that I was coping with life through busyness (I am a workaholic). I feel a high when I know that I'm being effective and productive. I learned that this addiction is not only socially accepted, but it is also encouraged, because it serves a lot of people and it brings results.

I had to learn to listen to my body, my feelings, my surroundings. Listen for silence. I have to silence my busyness, to see my brokenness. My brokenness that I didn't want to acknowledge, because I was 'always ok', and I was 'always helpful' and I was 'always happy'. On the surface...

On the core, I didn't know how or who I was, because I was so occupied with stuff I didn't have time for 'nonsense'. Or so I thought...

Throughout this brand we are building together, I want to bring to the table my vulnerability and my power. (If and when you feel like sharing, you can do so in the comments too. This table is open and free.)

I want to highlight how the practice of organizing your home, your office or any space is a way of introspection. It is a decision to invest your time in nourishing habits, and an opportunity to see a return (ROI) in a healthier and more wholesome life that you are creating for yourself and others. Organizing is a form of self-care too.


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