• Nicole

Homeostasis In The Home

Although, 'homeostasis' refers to the dynamic exercise within a cell or body to maintain stability, balance, or equilibrium, what would it look like if we applied that concept to our home? That searching or working towards a cohesive atmosphere in our space is an active and dynamic exercise moved by different variables.

The variables? Natural light, traffic, airflow, electric, plumbing, windows, doors, humidity, square space, functions, needs and belongings. According to homeostasis, we all have the natural ability to decide how to respond to different variables.

Many times we may be inclined to just go through the motions, but...

If we're caught up, unaware, distracted - we tend to react and not decide on how to respond.

When we become aware of our surroundings. Really look at them. Plan according to them. Work with them. We're intentionally taking time and space to make conscious decisions on how to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Material things should serve the constant balance and fundamental needs of our everyday lives.
Not vice versa.

And... that 'steady balance' is what allows to enjoy spontaneity even more, because it's safe to do so. With homeostasis (or cohesive atmosphere) in place, the special touches, accents and sparkle will shine even more!


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