• Nicole

'Excel' Your Space

Decluttering may be overwhelming for some - bringing out unwanted emotions like fear, confusion and sadness. There are multiple techniques to get the job done and they're all valid - it just depends on how the person responds to any of them the most.

But this following technique is mine!

Let’s call it 'Excel' Your Space (pun-intended -- name suggestions welcomed.) Using categories and filters like on a spreadsheet!

Step 1 — Collect ALL the items in a specific category and lay them on the floor. (We’re working with shoes on the pictures, but it can be anything: books, bedding, tools, cables, pens, documents, kitchen utensils, etc.).

Step 2 — Classify and organize all the items within that category. Filter through as much as possible, using style, color, size and other traits. This will identify duplicate or similar items that you can donate or remove easily. By removing those excess items and having a general overview of the actual inventory, it is now less of an overwhelming process to decide which items are worth keeping.

Step 3 — Format and spread the valued belongings. No more misplacing them, forgetting them, crunching them together, they wont collect dust and mold. Nope. From now on, you’ll enjoy them and keep inventory accountability efficiently.

Happy organizing! And remember, we're in this journey together.


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