• Nicole

Before & After | Laundry Room

When planning for a space, I take into account two fundamental things:

  1. fixed/immovable items (ie. washer & dryer, utility sink, doors and windows)

  2. functionality and accessibility of things (ie. cleaning supplies, keys, etc.)

This foundation influences the available area, the colors and materials to use.

The large mirror gives the feel of a bigger space while also, assuming the illusion of a window by reflecting light (a valuable asset in any small room).

OPEN shelving keeps you honest (accountable) of what you're keeping, and what you can let go of.

We decided on a black metal shelving unit that can withstand outdoor environments to resist the humidity of the room. And installed white wall shelves between the white windows and white appliances to elevate the eye seamlessly.

An empty floor makes any room look bigger and it's also very practical - because you don't have to move anything out-of-the-way to clean (since it already lives in an elevated area).

Create homes for belongings in ELEVATED areas.

Ney, I hope it's a pleasure for you to do laundry in this airy room!


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