• Nicole

5-Dollar Bathroom Organization

Updated: May 13, 2021

You read that right!

Client was strictly focused on functionality. She wanted everything within reach. So, we created ZONES according to purpose (oral care, face, body, hair, nails, cleaning). The real reward is that this system has worked for her, standing the test of time! She's kept it tidy ever since.

**I recommend using opaque bins when they're going to be displayed to minimize visual clutter (by covering up the packaging labels). And in bathrooms, since there is quite a bit of moisture, use plastic perforated bins for easy maintenance.

Here we have makeup and hair. We located hair items near an electrical outlet to keep it contained in an area when using hot tools.

We're displaying toilet paper, to use the space under the cabinet for cleaning supplies and clear the floor. We also found a narrow garden planter at the dollar store to contain all showering products.

Towels are now hung in hooks. Hooks for towels not only dry them faster (try it!) but saves a ton of space.


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